Every year, thousands of high school students in Kenya enter their final year. Some are already contemplating about what will come next, discussing their wishes to further their study in college with counselors, parents, and friends, and planning out university visits. Most will without a doubt be pushed toward four years in college, where a degree will presumably offer each of them the best chance to high paying and fulfilling career.

Four years in college are good fits for many, however, the notion that they are the best for everyone leaving high school is downright wrong. As high-tech machinery continues to disrupt the tech industry, and as workforces age in most manufacturing firms, there are key jobs opening up that academics can’t just fill. Well trained, highly skilled workers are needed, and Frontlearn Institute is one of the top-notch technical training colleges ready to fill such needs.

At Frontlearn Institute, we provide the much-needed bridge between high school and the capacity to forge a career through the inculcation of hands on skills and knowledge. Frontlearn Institute is meant to offer quality education to people who want to gain an industry specific skill and match or even surpass what they would have acquired through a four-year university programme. To this effect, Frontlearn Institute has been offering technical training in culinary arts, information and technology, business and finance, and is planning to roll out more fields to cater for the growing need.

We have specialized our technical and vocational training to help those pursuing specific areas in the industry. For instance, our certificate and diploma courses in culinary arts are geared towards ensuring that those taking the course become proficient in coping with the challenges and demands of the professional kitchen. The course is highly practical with assurance that the student will gain skills in culinary operations, food accompaniments preparation, stocks preparation, soups preparation, meats preparation, beverages preparation, and desserts preparation. Frontlearn Institute tops this training with industrial attachment where the trainees are exposed to actual commercial kitchens where they gain more practical skills and ascend the ladder towards becoming chefs.

Frontlearn Institute’s certificate and diploma in information technology are also highly specialized courses that are driven by the demands in the industry. We aim to inculcate software, technical, and technological ICT skills. Our objective is to ensure that every student selects and specializes into becoming highly tech savvy with respect to the various domains in information technology including networking, software development, database administration, and IT support among others. At the moment, there is a great need in the market for graduates to be able to control ICT security threats, install and manage enterprise systems, perform computer networking, offer professional ICT support, develop and maintain websites, manage database systems, perform graphic design, develop mobile applications, and perform system analytics and design. At Frontlearn, we are keen to ensure that the graduates are able to accomplish these tasks.

In sum, at Frontlearn, we are not just any other educational institution that one attends post secondary education. We are focussed on developing an all-round, hand-on graduate who can immediately fit in an organization and become highly productive. Frontlearn is cognizant of the dynamics in the corporate environment and seeks to ensure that its graduates are well versed with what ticks in the market.


Welcome to Frontlearn Institute where we assure yo give you a great learning experience and grow your skills! At Frontlearn, we consider  the provision of relevant and quality education and training to be critical to equipping Kenyans with the skills they requirre for industrialization. Our focus is on offering young people with the relevant skills while ensuring that those who are already in the sector can advance through our technical offerings. 

We understand that this provision of these critical skillls as well as competenceis is important for the development of skilled human resource based and hands-on workers for national development. We are accredited as a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institution that is responsible for offering the programmes that will equip the graduates with relevant and quality skills and competencies to meet the needs in the current labour markets. 

What we do at Frontlearn Institute can be seen from a better angle if you consider that almost 500 million jobs need to be created in order to absorb who are unemployed and an additional 40 million new entrants every year in the global market. We are contributing to the number of young people who do not have to struggle with unemployment because they have the skills that it takes to bring up their own startups. For the employed, we at Frontlearn Institute are providing the necessary skillsets to ensure productivity. Our contribution to the industries is key as many are struggling to find a workforce with the necessary skills. 

Our courses are designed with the core objective of providing graduates with the necessary skills to ensure that they can be relevant in the continually evolving workspace. Older workers have found themselves lacking viable skills as the industries evolve in reaction to globalization and technological changes. As such, what we offer at Frontlearn Institute is critical as it ensures that our graduates:

  • Have a better transition into employment
  • Develop the right technical skills, enterpreneurial, and employment skills
  • Match the skills demanded by the market
  • Are competent
  • Embrace life-long learning culture

We have several courses including computer training courses, culinary arts courses, and other technical courses. We are bent to ensure that you ace in life. With Frontlearn Institute, you can be sure that you are not making any mistake. 

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Frontlearn Institute is a TVETA accredited institution offering handon diploma, certificate, and short courses.

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