International Women’s Day has been celebrated all around the world for more than a century. On March 8th, every year, people come together to note the feats that have been made by women and further lobby for gender equality and women’s rights.

In the past few years, women from various institutions, including Frontlearn Institute, have made headlines, called for celebrations, and made those in their spheres of influence proud by making meaningful contributions to the education sector.

A few of these women include:

  1. Pasty Mink – Title IX Coauthor and congresswoman

Pasty is no ordinary woman because of the developments she brought to the field of education. Mink desired to go to medical school but could not do so because she was a woman. Then, after finishing law school, she struggled to find a place to work because she was a woman and a mother. She did not give up though. She pivoted her dreams, becoming the first female candidate of color who was elected into a political post in the US Congress. She then coauthored a book named Title IX and advocated for the rights of women, especially in post-modern discrimination. Mink was instrumental in helping put critical policies against discrimination and in funding education programs that support women.

Today, Frontlearn Institute is laying a lot of emphasis on ensuring that women get a fair chance in education. Our programs are gender-sensitive and we pride ourselves on skilling women who have become great professionals in the corporate sector.

  1. Fanny Jackson Coppin – A proponent for African American Education

Fanny was a former enslaved person from the black community. Being a woman, earning a college degree was no easy feat. She dedicated her life to ensuring that African Americans got as many educational opportunities as possible after the civil war in the United States.

Fanny served as the principal for the Institute of Colored Youth based in Philadelphia for 40 years. During her tenure, she eliminated all tuition fees and financed the housing of the students who moved from the suburbs to live in the city.

At Frontlearn Institute, we have endeavored to make education affordable for both genders through scholarships.

  1. Ella Flagg Young

Ella Young was an education reformer who would later go on to become the first female superintendent of the great city of Chicago. She did not manage to go to school until she was 11 years old. She even managed to teach herself reading and writing. She held important roles in education, including teaching, principal teacher, superintendent, teacher trainer, and school board member.

At Frontlearn Institute, we pride ourselves in the fact that we are training women who go into the corporate sector and hold key positions.

  1. Graca Machel

Ms. Machel is known for her advocacy and philanthropy at the Graca Machel Trust. She has been a lifelong companion of children’s rights and girls’ education. Machel went into history as one of the key people who fought against early child marriage that affected mostly women.

Frontlearn Institute is committed to ensuring that women, just like men, receive quality education that will make them recognizable in society.

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