Food and Beverage Production – Culinary Arts Trainer



Food and Beverage Production – Culinary Arts Trainer
Contract period: 6 months

Job Purpose
To provide high quality, relevant learning opportunities which enable students be competitive and
marketable in their relevant industry.
Minimum Qualifications
  • Diploma in Technical Teacher Education
  • A Higher Diploma in Culinary Arts/Food Production or equivalent
  • Significant work experience producing meals in a commercial kitchen and/or instructing classes for at least 2 years
  • Able to demonstrate that they can satisfactorily perform the duties by reference to their previous work experience
  • Good communications skills including an excellent level of spoken and written English
  • Competency in computer operations
  • Able to manage a busy workload and consistently meet deadlines
  • Able to work as a key member of a small team and actively market the institution
  • Committed to the vision and mission of Frontlearn Institute
Duties and Responsibilities
Please note that the duties outlined below are subject to periodic review.
1. Training
1.1. Provide quality efficient teaching in various subject areas with available resources.
1.2. Develop necessary content for teaching based on the required syllabus and course specification.
      Content needs to be developed in a timely fashion and includes, but is not limited to schemes of
       work, lesson plans, course outlines, teaching notes, handouts, visual aids, etc.
1.3. Ensure that all marking, assessments, and moderations are complete.
1.4. Liaise with other staff as appropriate to ensure that work is fully and effectively covered.
1.5. Encourage and promote the process of student learning.
2. Administration
2.1. Ensure records of student achievements are maintained as required by the Sector and relevant
external bodies.
2.2. Coordinating the entire kitchen operation and responsible for kitchen inventory
2.3. Keep accurate up-to-date registers of classes taught of learner attendances and marks.
2.4. Advise the Managing Director on material and equipment needs, for existing and proposed
courses and produce requisitions as required.
2.5. Assist with student interviews and course enrolments.
2.6. Work within the team to market the College.
3. Curriculum Development
3.1. Maintain knowledge of new developments in the curriculum, courses, and teaching practices and
keep course material.
3.2. Undertake such training as may be required and requested for such development.
3.3. Develop short courses in your own specialist area as appropriate.
4. Pastoral
4.1. Provide active support to individual students.
4.2. Encourage students to take an active part in the corporate life of the College.
4.3. Help to ensure that College regulations and policies are upheld.
4.4. Initiate action if misdemeanors or infringements of College policy occur.
5. General
5.1. Attend staff meetings when requested.
5.2. Actively promote and market the College and present a positive image of the College and its
      activities both within and outside the College environment.
5.3. Ensure the quality standards and performance measures applying to the work of the section are
      met and facilitate continuous improvements in all aspects of the post.
5.4. Be aware of and maintain the College’s approach to security and discipline.
5.5. Undertake any other responsibilities commensurate with the grade of the post, which the
       Managing director management representative may from time to time require.

How to apply

If you qualify for this position and would like to apply, submit your application at

Kindly note that:

Only complete applications will be reviewed for shortlisting

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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