When it comes to funding your way through college, scholarship is one of the greatest forms of financial help, since they offer you free money that does not have to be repaid. Frontlearn Institute has a number of scholarships to help you pay for college. The only way to get an actual shot at being awarded a scholarship is to apply for one. Frontlearn Institute’s scholarship are real, and have helped many towards starting and even completing their courses at the reputable technical institution that offers a myriad of courses including culinary arts, information technology, and business studies.

You will hear it from us from time to time – apply early and apply frequently. At Frontlearn Institute, we want you to have a bright future and giving you a scholarship is one way to brighten the future for you today. If you do not apply for a scholarship because you think you do not stand a good shot, you could be missing out on an opportunity to fund your college education. Browse through our website for the steps to apply and get helpful advice on the scholarship application process. The more scholarship information you get, the better your chances are.

Take your chance today, apply below.

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    During the pandemic, online education has grown tremendously and so has competition for students. Universities and colleges with aggressive marketing strategies have been able to enroll potential students way before those that are less aggressive make contact. As such, the need for a seamless application process has never been so important. This is also because the online realm comes with its challenges and a significant percentage of those who start the process do not complete their college or course application process.
    At Frontlearn Institute, we have made the application process pretty seamless as demonstrated under the below themes:
    The top complaint among applicants as well as their guardians is the degree of complexity in most application processes. Complexity can force a prospective student to choose a less desired course that presents as a path of least resistance, which at times, leads to abandoning the application process. It is estimated that more than 50% of prospective college students leave their applications halfway because of the complexity of application processes. Frontlearn Institute’s application is highly simplified and calls for responses to straightforward questions and instructions.
    Technical flexibility
    The application page at Frontlearn Institute takes the student directly to the application form. The application form comprises fields that take responses for every important information required to start the process for onboarding a prospective student. The application page can be accessed from the top primary menu, the footer menu, and the call to action sections that have the relevant application buttons. This page is compatible with both tablet and mobile views and allows anyone with internet access to process their initial processes of the application from any device.
    Since online applications have increased in number, some prospective students along with their guardians have become worried that the electronic submissions might not work. At Frontlearn Institute, we have embedded the right security layers to ensure that prospective students’ data is securely transmitted and stored at Frontlearn Institute’s servers. We also confirm our applications by redirecting their application form to a confirmation page or confirmation message popup.
    Administratively efficient
    There are several considerations to ensure that we can handle applicants’ data. First, Frontlearn Institute has an efficient data tracking mechanism that allows our admission office to track every application to completion. This also permits Frontlearn Institute to contact applicants who have not submitted their applications and assist them to complete the process. The capacity to track application completions also alerts the developer of the application to the potential problem in the online application form.
    At Frontlearn Institute, we are attracted to quality and seek to ensure that our prospective students can get on board and begin their career journeys without any delays.


    Chefs in the culinary industry agree that schools that are training the skills provide a great way for people to get their foot in the door, become competitive, and relevant in the, at times, brutal industry. Formal culinary arts training provides the discipline needed to perform the culinary duties with perfection even when it is challenging. Proper formal training in culinary arts makes sure that you are ready to help in the field. The training offered at Frontlearn Institute of Technology is at two levels: certificate and degree. One can be able to later specialize in baking, cooking, or restaurant management, which teaches how to schedule staff, control inventory, and organize a kitchen.

    After being professionally trained, you may start your career and work in a kitchen, oversee food preparations, provide service in a restaurant or similar establishment, and later on move into responsible positions, such as chef or head cook. At Frontlearn, we train our students to develop strong communication and leadership skills to help them ascend into leadership positions where they can run kitchens and manage staff in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Additionally, our training at Frontlearn Institute enables our graduates to develop recipe and menu development skills and bargaining skills to help them around with orders and supplies.


    Our Culinary Arts Programmes are hands-on and geared towards ensuring that you grow your career to chef status

    Our Culinary Arts programmes – Certificate and Diploma – at Frontlearn Institute entail both practical and academic elements preparing our graduates to cope with the demands and challenges of the professional kitchen. This is achieved through hands-on core competency training. Some of the units covered include:
    • Culinary Operations,
    • Food accompaniments preparation,
    • Stocks preparation,
    • Soups preparation,
    • Meats preparation,
    • Desserts preparation and Beverages preparation.

    The training includes industrial attachment where trainees are exposed to working in commercial kitchens and gain practical skills to work as a chef.



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