Frontlearn institute of Technology is a TVETA accredited institute focused on empowering the lives of young people through skills training and building knowledge. We are dedicated to teaching practical skills in a state of the art school which is supportive and fun, while also ensuring our students gain high levels of discipline required to excel in a work environment.


We are focused on ensuring our graduates leave us with a complete range of skills which will enable them to adapt to any environment.

Frontlearn Institute is a pioneer in creating innovative learning models that address a wide variety of learning needs. We adopt to market needs and create relevant, impactful learning content that mirror real life scenarios of issues or problems faced in the market. This puts students in the fore front of understanding market needs and fosters good decision making skills. We are determined to change the thinking about tertiary colleges, and their place in transforming national economies.

Since opening our doors in 2016, our successes reflect the hard work and dedication of our directors and staff. We create a Godly ecosystem that inspires learning, enforces discipline while maintaining a fun and supportive atmosphere. We have a strong passion to see our students define their own future and achieve their dreams.
Frontlearn Institute currently offers Certificate and Diploma courses in the following areas
1. Culinary Arts
2. Information Communication and Technology
3. Business Management

About us

Frontlearn Institute is a TVETA accredited institution offering handon diploma, certificate, and short courses.

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