Top IT questions you might have been too shy to ask!

April 6, 2022 by admin0

Frontlearn Institute is interested in your success and publishes common IT and Software Engineering Interview questions so that you know what to expect.

If you are able to answer the below questions, you have a higher chance of acing your interview.

With all the acronyms and hard words in information technology, it can feel very hard for a newcomer to break in – or simply get along in a tech conversation. No one wants to feel left out while asking questions might seem embarrassing when you are trying to prove that you know it all. At Frontlearn Institute, we endeavor to train our students thoroughly so that they know the tech stuff right off of their college training. However, Frontlearn Institute – from time to time – reviews some of the most common IT interview questions, so you know what you need to perfect in to excel in the IT world.

  1. What is the difference between programming and coding?
  2. What is HTML and CSS all about?
  3. What is the difference between a developer and a designer?
  4. How can I publish my website and have people see it?
  5. Why should I learn to code line by line instead of using frameworks?
  6. What is an algorithm?
  7. What are syntax errors?
  8. What is debugging and why is it important?
  9. What does deployment to a live environment mean?
  10. Explain what Agile means for IT projects.
  11. What is a DMZ and its role in the network setup?
  12. What is a transaction log and how can it be usable?
  13. In software development, what is documentation and why should it be done?
  14. What is a cross-site scripting attack?
  15. Describe clustering and its use.
  16. What is a honeypot in network security and why should it be used?
  17. Describe the difference between OLAP and OLTP.
  18. Which one is better between batch-oriented and service-oriented solutions?
  19. What are some of the critical database performance metrics?
  20. How should database performance be monitored?

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