Eradicating Poverty

October 18, 2021 by admin0

Eradicating poverty is key, but how does one eradicate poverty? This seems like a simple question. Yet, it is complex and has been unanswered for decades despite being discussed in several global forums including SDG, UN, and World Bank forums. In a statement, the World Bank notes that it is commited to eradicating poverty in all its dimensions. The global economic body calls for the use of latest information to help goverments develop policies that are sound that can help even struggling economies, and focus investments in areas that are critical to enhancing the lives of people.

In a five point article on how to eradicate poverty, Outreach International notes that it is critical that those directly affected by the problem be directly involved in efforts to combat poverty. This implies that affected populations should be major participants in the global fight against poverty. They also note that it is more important to organize a team to fight poverty rather than leaving the fight to only a few. While this is happening, the key issues should be identified in orde to make the fight more worthwhile. Importantly, those in poverty are to be made aware that they can addres their own issues and that the process of alleaviating poverty takes time.

At Frontlearn Institute, we believe that education can and will reduce poverty. We are not alone as the UN arm for education also holds the same views. UNESCO’s report and the Education Commission provide critical evidence on the impact of education of the earnings of an individual and overall economic growth. As Frontlearn Institute makes its small but targeted steps, there is need to bolster the global agenda of using education to eradicate poverty.

Our courses are designed with a view to provide students with practical skills that will help them to become economically empowered. With our practical courses such as Certificate and Diploma in Culinary Arts are meant to empower students with skills that they can put to use immediately with high chances of employability. Culinary Arts is a highly sought after profession and students graduate with high prospects of being employed. This is one major way of reducing poverty: teaching relevant courses for the job market.

Frontlearn also links its graduates with employers for attachment and internship positions. The technical institution is also planing on launching an alumni support program where all its graduates will be able to network. The goal is to locate employment that is relevant to the skills and interests of the graduates and assist in the creation of inclusive workplace environments where the graduates can be able to give meaningful contribution.


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