Can I become a full-stack programmer at Frontlearn?

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A full-stack developer is a software engineer who can do both front-end and back-end development and handle all that is required as far as servers, databases, clients, and systems engineering is concerned. No one can deny, it is a bit overwhelming and arduous, but doable so long as one gets a good footing and that is what Frontlearn Institute endeavors to do to its students.

In our training at Frontlearn Institute, we equip students doing both certificate and diploma in information technology with the skills that they need to be proficient in the long list of languages that full-stack developers require: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, Python, and more. We desire to make our students versatile jack of all trades in a market that calls for comprehensive and astute programmers.

Take a leap and join our pool of programming students at Frontlearn Institute and learn how and what it takes to become a full-stack web and app developer. It is not as difficult and time-consuming as it is depicted or as you may think. We have developed some five simple steps that, when followed keenly, will move you from a doubting Thomas to a full stack developer:

  1. Identify exactly what you need to learn

At Frontlearn Institute, we will start you off with HTML, CSS, JS, SQL, and PHP but we encourage our students to venture into the deep blue and learn even more. As such, our students have the liberty and resources to learn and be proficient in other languages such as Python, C#, JAVA, Perl, Kotlin, and more. This is because a lot of business processes are written in them. We also encourage our students to master the grammar of the various languages and the structure as well as design to help them with the implementation and testing of projects based on different languages.

2. Determine the ideal timeline that you need to be an expert

Our certificate program at Frontlearn Institute takes 2 years while the diploma program takes 3 years. This does not mean that that is precisely what it will take for one to be an expert or rather a full stack developer. It may take longer or shorter, depending on the path they have chosen to tread. It is easier for our students to focus on programming while they are in school and become proficient programmers before they get to the job market than it is for those who are already in careers and have to juggle between a couple of things.

3. Start learning in a format and from a place that suits you

Frontlearn Institute is equipped with modern-day computer labs to help one become a full-stack developer. We endeavor to provide a physical and psychological environment that will ensure our students ace and become skillful programmers. Besides, our trainers are fully accessible for consultation and are keen when it comes to programming projects as that is where the rubber meets the road and proper supervision means that the student becomes sharper in the selected language for the project. Students are encouraged to exercise honesty when carrying out programming projects and to desist from urges to copy and paste from other projects available on the web.

4. Start building your portfolio

Frontlearn Institute endeavors to place our students in the right place in the market. We are developing a forum that will allow employers to preview our students’ work and their skills. This will encourage our students as we take care of their visibility and marketability.

5. Start presenting yourself as a full stack developer

Frontlearn Institute encourages students to display their work by describing the technologies they have employed and their role in the project. We encourage them to demonstrate their work with excellent technical know-how and an eye for design. Our faculty introduces and encourages them to make use of code versioning platforms such as GitHub. Any full-stack programmer should not be afraid to include projects that they are currently working on in GitHub. Building a public portfolio is perhaps one of the best ways they can use to learn how to become full-stack developers.


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